As you all know, one of the most important thing that needs to be photographed when it comes to the wedding is the ceremony. This is where you will get your first kiss, your vow exchange, and of course the happy exit. Majority of the photos will be taken in this part of the wedding venue, so making it extra beautiful would definitely be ideal.

Some people don’t know that the wedding altar is as important as the wedding reception. It should have all of the factors for it to be picture worthy. Fortunately, Anna Price Olsen is here to give us the best wedding altar tips that there is to share:

Well, since you asked, we searched our real weddings on, Instagram accounts, Pinterest pages, and more to find 60 examples of unique wedding altars. That’s right: We searched high and low for the prettiest, jaw-dropping, and just downright cool wedding pergolas and wedding arbors around. Below, you’ll find it all—from a rustic birch teepee to a overflowing floral canopy—so we recommend going in with an open mind. 

Now, with that mindset, we must also note a few things before you start. In this gallery, you’ll also find the newest wedding décor trends around. A few that stand out: Circle installations, palm frond-covered statements, Persian rugs, and macraméanything. But even if being in-the-know isn’t your thing, that’s OK. We have a flower-covered altar that rivals all for you romantic ladies; a retro, modern one for any of you with an old-school music theme happening; and if you’re all about enhancing a naturally beautiful setting, we have that for the mountains, beach, desert, and more. See full post here..

No matter hectic you can get with the wedding preparations and such, it would be best to pay attention to your wedding altar.