Gone are the days where brides are only focused in just one color, white. White is a symbol of purity, which therefore means that it is perfect for weddings. But as the fashion industry evolves, brides are getting more and more liberated when it comes to their ideas. These ideas may raise eyebrows, especially with the older crowd, but if it’s not their wedding, then there’s nothing to worry about. Your wedding, your rules! 

In this article by Scott Taylor, he talks about the different wedding ideas for a quirky bride:

Has the normal, white on white (maybe a purple twist?) wedding just become a little… dull for you? Are you bored of hearing the same old songs? Lauding over the same old floral centre pieces? Or, are you simply not a fan of cake? Well, if you’re a Bride who dreams of hosting something a little different; a wedding which has a multitude of quaint moments that make your guests go ‘woah’ or ‘aww’, then you’re in for a treat! Take a look at these 10 alternative wedding ideas below and note down any of your own ideas in the comments section. See full post here…

With these wedding ideas, your wedding will surely get to standout!